Let’s say you’ve got a paper document, for example a contract, epitome or a magazine article which you need to introduce in computer and edit some lines. Obviously, a scanner is not enough to make this information available for editing but it can create a image or a snapshot of the document. To extract data from scanned document, camera image or image-only PDF, you need an OCR software.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned or photographed images to typewritten or printed text into computer readable text.

Use below methods to convert Image to Text:

1. Free-OCR
Free OCR service, allows you to convert 10 images per hour, images must not be larger than 2MB. This service supports multiple languages. All you need to do: Choose file, choose the language in which the file is written, write the captcha and click Send file to convert. Link here

2. i2OCR
They offer 60 recognition languages, image size is limited to 10MB per file. Just choose whether you want to upload a file from your computer or from a URL, then choose the Language of the text and click Extract Text button. When the converting process completes, click the download menu and select the desired output format. Link here

3. Newocr
Offers 58 recognition languages and unlimited uploads. Just choose the files from your computer, then choose the language and press Upload. After the upload completes, click the OCR button and below will appear you text, from the Download menu choose in what format you want to download the file and you are done. Link here

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