Remote desktops are nothing new, but what about controlling your Phone through your computer? Isn’t this a great idea? You wouldn’t be supposed to distract from the computer’s monitor to send messages, chatting or even answering a phone call. And this is real, because on the market there are already a few good apps for this.

Let’s take a look on them:

airdroid review tehcnozed.comAirDroid – allows you to control all android devices through a web page. You don’t need USB connections or a connection to the same WiFi network. All you need to do is to install the app from Google Play on your device.
You can control:

  • SMS – Send or Receive individual or group messages;
  • Apps – Import or export apk files;
  • Files – exchange between computer and device(photo, video, audio);
  • Ringtones – set music as ringtone;
  • Contacts – view or edit;
  • Camera – view through the lens of both cameras;
  • URL – open web pages
  • and more other features.

Download on Google Store

Pushbullet – a cool designed app through which you can easily get files, links, send text messages or just view your phone’s notifications. Application is available on iOS as on Android. All you need to do is to install the app on your device and an add-on in Chrome browser.
It allows you to:

  • Push links to your phone;
  • Send files and open them;
  • Put things on notification tray;
  • and more other good things.

Download on AppStoreDownload on Google Store

reach review technozed.comReach – a much simpler app which aims to make your everyday life easier. It just transforms you computer into a real phone. All you need to do is to install the app on your device, and control it through a web page.
It gives you access to:

  • View contacts;
  • Make/Receive calls;
  • Send/Receive messages;

Download on Google Store

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