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In today’s world, a mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In fact, it’s a “must have” for both teenagers and adults due to various reasons that we won’t discuss here today. Mobile phones not only enable us to communicate but also connect us to the world. For you to access the internet with your mobile device, you need a connection. One of the ways you can stay connected is by connecting your mobile phone to a Wi-Fi network. If, you have a classic phone, connecting it to a Wi-Fi might not be possible and therefore, your phone can only use data in case it’s connected to the internet.

Android Add Network

When a smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi, it automatically stops using data and in that case, there would be no limitation to the amount of data, which your plan offers. Whatever the smartphone you have, this is how you will connect it.

Connecting Windows Phone

If you have a windows phone, then the first step is to swipe left so that you reveal the App List. After which, tap Settings and then Wi-Fi. Keep our Wi-Fi turned on and depending on the available networks in your area, select a network of your choice. In case the network is protected, it will require you to enter a password and after which, just Tap “Done”.

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Connecting iPhone

In case you have an iPhone, step one is to Tap the Setting icon and after which, press on the Wi-Fi bar. You then need to turn the Wi-Fi on and a list of networks will appear bellow from which you’re supposed to choose one. In case the network you’ve selected is protected, all you need to do is enter the password and Tap on “Join”.

Connecting Androids

Android Connect to Wi-Fi Printer USB Bluetooth

For an Android phone, you need to tap on the Apps icon on your home screen and after which, open the Settings app. At the top right hand corner, turn on the Wi-Fi master control and then select an available network in that area. In case the network is protected, all you need to do is enter the password and then tap on “Connect.”

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