Connect Two or More Monitors to Your Laptop

Many users are starting to use more monitors when working on the computer. Today gamers user about three monitors to play games, office companies also use at least two monitors.

But how to connect two or more monitors to your laptop? There are different possibilities to do it, but there are still different issues for Desktop computers and Laptops. so how to connect them.

For Desktops: For example when connection more monitors to your desktop you could have issues with your motherboard which will not have ports for two monitors, if the motherboard has more ports that it is fine. If no I think that you will have to buy an adapter or a USB 3.0 Dock, where you can connect it to the computer USB. Depending on the dock station it can support a multiple number of monitors.

For Laptops: For a laptop usually you can connect on monitor using the HDMI or DisplayPort, as well, and already you have two monitors if we count the laptop monitor. For the second monitor will have to use an adapter like HDMI to USB, see the photo:


When the second monitor appears you will have to right-click the desktop and select Screen resolution.

In the Screen Resolution Window you will be able to adjust resolution for each monitor and to align them as you prefer. Also you will have to choose Extend these displays next to Multiple displays.

When you have done changing settings and aligning monitors you can save the settings.

Also make sure that your main monitor gets the taskbar and Start button

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