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There has been no revolutionary improvements to the windows weather app since its revamp in windows 8.The following are steps to configure the Windows 10 Weather app’s settings, manage your favorites list and set up the live tile. This app is widely used by people to help them know the weather in their area. It has made it easy for you to plan your day. The best thing about it is that you can configure it yourself. See simple steps to follow here:

Setting Your Location

To set your location, you start by finding the tiles in your start menu and opening up the program.

Windows 10 Weather App

The above weather app configured already that is why it displays the hometown as Portland, Oregon.

Click on the little gear icon at the left at the bottom of your window to enter setting configuration.

Windows 10 Weather App 1

You can choose the temperature typ to be displayed by your app, it be either Celsius or Fahrenheit. For the location launcher, you can set either show one city by default or detect your location.

Whichever settings you choose, it will affect both the city on the front page summary and the starting location used in the maps and historical weather tabs. The only features that will not be affected by the launch location setting are the articles listed in the newstab.

Creating and Managing Your Favorites

If you are travelling often, you can set a list of favorites in the places tab. To add a favorite city, you start by clicking on the tile with the plus sign in the middle. Enter your city, find and click it in the drop-down list. It will now appear every time you open the places tab.

The favorites can be deleted by right clicking on the tile you want to remove and selecting the option ‘Remove from Favourites’. You can add as many favorites as you want.

Live Tiles Bug

The Windows 10 Weather app will work excellently when open. It displays the current temperature with a snapshot of the upcoming forecast that is updated after every few minutes.

The Windows 10 Weather app is an efficient way to stay update on what to expect later in the day despite beautiful sunny skies. You get to know about any expected storms and you can be indoors on time. It beats anything else that you have used before. It refreshes after every few minutes and gives you information depending on your location.

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