Thinking to try Linux? Today Linux is becoming more and more popular, many students are switched to Linux, not talking about programmers where most of them are sitting on Linux. Your first Linux distribution should be the one which fits to you and your type of work you are doing on it. If you search for best linux distros, you’ll find very many, and all of them are better than other one, how to choose the best Linux distro from all we have? I will show you some tips that will help.

What is a Linux Distribution or Distro

A Linux distribution is a customized Linux usually with a graphical interface which will look and feel just like other desktop operating system. There are a lot of Linux Distros, the developers tries to make their Linux Distro unique from others, because it’s open-source there are no limits. Some Distros come already with apps some with other features and some with nice desktops cloning some operation systems. See the most known Linux Distribution logo and names.


Things that you have to look for

You will have to decide for what you will use Linux, if you need it for Document Working, or for Gaming, or for Video Editing, because there are some Linux version which can have a bunch of apps already installed for your needs. Then, when choosing a Linux Distro you’ll have to pay attention, because there are Distro for beginners, nice and clean, where you can easy install apps like Ubuntu, as an advanced user you can get a Distro which looks more simple and with a nice smooth feeling like: Elementary OS or Linux Mint, but with more features which are available through command line, like Fedora Linux. Also do not forget about your hardware specs and Video Card drivers, usually Linux provides some standard drivers, but for much more experience you’ll have to get Drivers, so before installing your Linux Distro search for the Linux Driver for the name and model of your Video Card. Do not worry about sound and internet connection, usually you don’t need any other drivers as in Linux everything is supposed to work without installing any drivers.

Want to try a Linux, but still you don’t have any Idea with which one to begin, we will give you some tips about some of most used Linux Distributions.

Most Known Linux Distributions

Linux Mint – Based on Ubuntu, is on of the most loved Linux, it’s almost same Ubuntu Linux under, but the developers improved much more the design and feel, its easy to use and beautiful.


Elementary OS – Not much time from the day it was released Elementary OS started to be on of the most popular Linux Distros, developers tried to make something similar to MAC OS also adding to it the most beautiful apps and even developing their own which are beautifully designed with a minimal interface. Elementary OS it looks and feels amazing, you’ll have to use mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, really nice experience.


Ubuntu Linux – Best known and most popular distribution of Linux. It is well designed and also easy-to-use, has a unique design and a very big community support, if you have some problems, for sure you’ll find how to solve them.

SuSE Linux – Good alternative for Windows users, SuSE is very powerful and some time ago was on of the most popular, SuSE has it’s own integrated apps, like Yast installer which is considered to be the best installer interface. User-friendly installation and user-friendly configuration tools.


Linspire Linux – Previously known as Lindows, it’s a famous distro for trying to get windows users on Linux, by almost cloning windows. Linspire have many features as windows have, like widgets, similar windows start menu and even icons. If you want to use Linux like a Windows this can be your choise.


Arch-Linux – if you are skilled in command line work, you can try Arch-Linux, which installed from zero, will have to use only command line, in general here you will have to build your OS, installing everything from command line even interface.


Important Note:  If you want just to try a Linux operation system, many of them have LIVE CD Image, which will permit you to work on Linux right from CD without having to install it. If you decide to install Linux you’ll have to download full version from the official distribution website, most of them are free, just burn to your CD and install it.

Remember before installing any operating system it’s better to be prepared and save all your content from your hard-disk because you might lost all information. The easiest way to install a Linux, is to install it on a new unpartitioned hard disk, or on a hard disk that still has unpartitioned space where you will have possibility to Dual-Boot between Linxu and your Windows. Installing Linux is fast and simple, be sure to have a WiFi connection around to get the updates right when installation is in progress.


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