software-express-cacheIf you got an Ultrabook, you can have a Hybrid system with an HDD and a SSD using technology ExpressCache which improve system speeds by incorporating SSD technology advances into Windows systems. The SSD is being used as Cache. Reponsible for the SSD cache, can be Intel Rapid Storage, ExpressCache from SanDisk, Easy Settings and others.

If you notice that your Ultrabook becomes extremely slow, or you re-installed your Windows Operating System, you should check if SSD is mounted as Cache and if it is functioning.

This is how you to check it:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator, right click, Run as administrator.

Write following command: eccmd -info

If you get following type of results, pay attention on line Mounted, must be Yes, if is it Yes, it means that your cache is working, and you can read statistics. In this case you don’t have to worry about it. See the¬†screenshot.



The bad thing is if you get following results, pay attention on line Mounted, if you get No, it means that your Cache SSD is not working at all, and your computer is 3x times slower.


To resolve this issue you should contact your computer manufacturer support they will guide you, even much more, Samsung support for example can ask for a remote-session and resolve the issue for you.

If your ExpressCache does not work, go to the manufacturer official website, and check for online


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