find my iphone[1]Finding out that the iPhone you bought was stolen isn’t the best news you want to hear. That’s why Apple released a new tool that check to see if an iPhone you’re about to buy was at one point stolen from someone.

Activation Lock – prevents iPhones and iPads from being stolen, or at least it tries to limit access to a stolen phone.¬†When Find My iPhone is enabled on an iPhone, it gets locked to the user’s Apple ID account. This means that even if data is wiped, the device will still require the original Apple ID and password before someone else can use it.

How to check if an iPhone Has Been Stolen

  • Visit Apple’s new Activation Lock lookup tool HERE
  • You’ll be prompted to enter in the iPhone’s IMEI or Serial Number, which you can find in the phone’s Settings > General > About
  • Then enter the captcha code and press Continue button.[1]Apple will tell you if that iPhone still has Activation Lock enabled. If Activation Lock is still on, that doesn’t quite necessarily mean that the device was stolen, the user could’ve easily just forgot to turn it off, but too see if this is the reason you’ll need to contact the current owner of the iPhone and please him to turn it off before you buy it. If the “owner” can’t enter the password of the Apple ID account that’s associated with the phone, this most likely means the iPhone is stolen.


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