Google is unquestionably the most prevalent and most common search engine in the world. This is because more than 70% of users of the internet have a preference of having Google as their default search engine. Besides it being used largely   there are some dissatisfaction from users who desire privacy of fast and insolent technology.

It is generally acknowledged that Google usually collect information of people who use their search engine. Google has been successful in these because it has got an advantage   over other search engines because of its strong technology. But then again Google isn’t efficient in its data collection making Mac owners to search for an alternative.

For those individuals who want to use other search engines beside Google, they must navigate for replacements search engines websites. This methodology lacks suitability of fast execution of   web search straight from the safari address bar. Luckily users of the internet can change their default search engine in safari using the following few steps below.

This is how to do it

First start by launching safari, then go to safari followed by preferences and finish by search in the menu bar.

Safari Preferences

After doing that you will see   a drop down menu having the word search.

Basically choose a search engine that   works for you from the drop down menu choices so as to make it default on your Mac.

Safari Search Preferences

Rebooting or restarting your Mac is not necessary because the transition will take effect the moment you make your choice. If a user wants to further customize his /her safari search familiarity they must take caution   to take account of search engine propositions. These propositions are usually below the search engine drop down menu.

Also know that the stated works for many   version of OS X except in safari 8 where DuckDuckGo is offered. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is primarily privacy   centered and also guards the keywords that you have used as well as your email address. If you are reluctant to share your private details with other people then DuckDuckGo is the search engine to use.

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