Ubuntu Google Authenticator

The changing of a password can be prompted by many reasons. On Ubuntu one can change passwords using two methods; we can change from either GUI or command line. The process is not difficult and it can over in a few minutes as long you know the steps to follow. The changing of password from GUI follows a number of steps. See them below:

  1. First launch the change password window, by clicking “System-> Preference -> About Me”. Then click on the change password button.
  2. Enter the current password being used and click on authenticate. This password is compared against the stored password.
  3. After the current password has been authenticated, the new password field will be enabled. Enter the new password and click on the change password button. The user is prompted to key in the new password twice, the second entry is compared to the first and are both required to match in order to change the password. Passwd will reject any password which is not duly complex.

The command line method one has to reboot into recovery mode. Select recovery mode from the boot menu. It is usually the second boot option. As the boot up processes finish, a few options will be presented. The ultimate administrator is the root account and one must be very careful when handling commands entered. One can do anything in the Ubuntu installation which includes erasing it.

Recent versions of Ubuntu have the file system mounted as a read-only, the following command need to be entered to get it to remount as a read-write enabling us to make changes.

Mount  -o  rw, remount   /

To reset the password, type

Passwd username

In this case username is the password that is to be changed. After typing that one is prompted for a new password. After typing the password there will be no visual response that will acknowledge your typing. The password is still being accepted, type the password and hit Enter when done. After this the password will have been reset, type exit to return to the recovery menu.

After returning to the recovery menu, select resume normal boot and continue using Ubuntu as you normally would, just that this time, you actually know the password. Those are the simple steps to follow and none of them should be a problem, go on change your password on Ubuntu. It only takes a few minutes.

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