Many of us prefer to buy second hand phones, like iPhone. Here are the risks you should keep in mind before buying a second hand iPhone.

It is easy to be attracted by a second hand iPhone, as its price is much lower then from the shop. Many times you can find a second hand iPhone in a 10/10 condition and even with warranty still valid. From the other side many things can go wrong, the iPhone could be blocked in the iCloud, and cannot be unblocked. To get such an iPhone is a risk, and the list can continue with many more negative things.

How to verify a second hand iPhone?

We will tell you some tests that you will have to do before paying for a second hand iPhone. First thing, never buy a turned off iPhone which is discharged or with battery removed. Also pay attention so the iPhone will have the charger. The next thing is do the location test, connect the iPhone to internet and open Google Maps app or Waze app and make sure that the iPhone will be able to give your location, and the next thing is to call someone to make sure that the phone can make calls and that the audio quality is good.iPhone 6 IMEI back

If the iPhone you want to buy has passed these tests, it is the time to check some more important things. Now you have to make sure that the iPhone was not heavily damaged and its case was no changed. The IMEI from the back of the iPhone should be the exact one that you will find in the menu of the iPhone. You can find the IMEI very easy by calling  *#06# click on call button. As an alternative you can go to Settings > General > About. There you will be able to find a page with the same IMEI from the back case of the phone. If the IMEI numbers are different, I recommend you not to buy this iPhone.

iPhone IMEI

How to check the Warranty and if the iPhone is blocked in iCloud?

Same IMEI code ore the serial number of the phone will help you to find the phone warranty in case if the iPhone doesn’t have a document to prove the warranty. You can go with the iPhone in any Apple center or local dealer and ask them to check the iPhone warranty. They will do it for free and it will take you some minutes.

If you have access to internet you can check online the warranty of any Apple device, like Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can check the warranty online on the address: There you will have to enter the serial number of the device and to copy the captcha and the click on Continue. In some seconds you will get an answer about the warranty of the device you checked.

În situația în care un iPhone nu are cod de blocare și puteți intra în meniu, este foarte important să nu fie asociat unui cont Apple. Nu de alta, dar de respectivul cont nu puteți scăpa decât prin intermediul parolei asociate. Mai rău decât atât este că un iPhone blocat pe iCloud poate fi dezactivat în orice moment, iar datele voastre pot fi șterse de la distanță. Nu-l puteți actualiza, deoarece aveți nevoie de ID-ul complet și parola fostului proprietar.

Another thing you have to do, is to check the Settings > iCloud and to make sure that there is not logged any user name. On the address, you should write down the iPhones IMEI and serial number and check if the activation is blocked. If it says yes, you don’t have to buy this iPhone, ask person who sell it to unblock it and here you can read why: iPhone is Blocked in iCloud – Why this happens and how to unblock.

If the activation is not blocked, than you will not have problems association this iPhone with your personal ID and password.

The entire process is not complicated at all, it is just necessary to verify several things we wrote for you. A little effort will make you to buy the right iPhone that will not cause any problems to you after.

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