Blocking unwanted calls nowadays should be a one-tap thing. However, practice shows that it’s not so simple. Carriers generally don’t allow us simply block an unwanted call, phone manufacturers hesitate giving a solution or they just bury it as far as they can.

Newer versions of Android phones allows you to block unwanted calls, but the procedure varies from phone to phone.

1. Integrated call-blocking options
There are so much Phones on the market, that’s why we can’t write a how to for each phone, but you can easily check if your phone has this feature, just go to Menu > Settings > Call settings and look for something like: Call rejection, Call barring, Block calls, Blocking Mode, Voice Mail

HTC One – open the menu in the Phone app, select Blocked Contacts
Nexus 4 – select a contact and open the Menu, select All Calls to Voicemail
Xperia T – go to Menu > Settings > Call settings
Optimus G – go to Settings > Call > Call Reject. You can reject all calls or create a list with contacts to reject.
Galaxy S4 – open the Phone app > Call settings > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List, here you can specify an exact number to block.

2. Third-party apps
If you don’t like the inbuilt call blocking feature or if you don’t have one, for sure you’ll find an App on the market to like.
unnamed[2]Call blocker – A free app to blacklist specific contacts. Just install the app on your device, open it and on the main menu choose Blocked calls, tap the Add button. Or you can just create a Blacklist by adding specific numbers in.

Download on Google Store

unnamed%20(1)[1]Calls Blacklist – as simple as it is, a simple app for keeping a blacklist of contacts. Just launch the app and add contacts to the Blacklist tab, or add them through your Contacts, call logs or message logs.

Download on Google Store

logo2[1][1]Mr. Number – its free and allows you to block unwanted calls and texts on your mobile phone. Install and open it, select your country and type your phone number then just press OK. To block contacts, go to the block list by pressing the prohibition symbol at the top right corner. Choose whether to Hang Up a call or to redirect it to the Voicemail.

Download on Google Store

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