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To be a guru in Technology, you’ll have to have some creativity and analytic skills. A Technology Guru, or Technology Master in most cases is not born with it, but it takes years to prepare himself and to learn the things which will help him through. In this small article I will tell you what you should do to help yourself to become a Tech Guru. Tech Guru can have friends and can be fun to be one of them, for sure.

Make a lot of Tech Guru friends

i am a geek logoWhat you should do in general, is to hangout with geniuses, the people which seems to look not interesting and not to have fun with them, actually have a lot of fun, and they are really smart There is a lot to learn from them and you can become to do the things they do, to get interested in some specific tech  things, you never know who can become your friend and what you will like from tech perspective. If you will be surrounded by tech gurus who will know more than you, for sure you will learn much more than they know.

Where to find them? Well, internet is where you can always find them, like, tech chats, blogs, forums.

Improve Your Analytics Skills

Becoming a Tech Guru you’ll have to understand analytics, with effort in learning and practice you can become a good data analyzer, which is very helpful to a Tech Guru, it will help you always to find the best way and the best solution. You don’t have to study analytics or science, you’ll just have to read a loot, and learn how data is analyzed, the statistics, methods, and it will help you a lot, it will help you much more when you will get a job in tech. Analytics are never excrescent.its cool to be a geek

More Math

I personally thing that too much math is bad, but not for a real technology guru, math will help you a lot in understanding how computers work, how technology works, or how a program works, it’s not like to know how to do algebra, but the principle of inside of a program, for example you should learn binary code, how it works and what can it do, this is a serious thing that should no be omitted by a future Tech Guru.

Play with Technology

becom a geekBecoming a technology guru doesn’t mean just to read everything and to learn and learn, it also means to play with it, even if you hate some certain tech things, use them to play, playing will always teach you a lot of things. You can start with textbooks, online guides, tutorial, read them, experiment, do not be afraid to try things you never have done, it can be fun. Learn how the inside of computer tech, experiment and play. Try coding, like html or something harder if, try learning how computer works from electrical impulse to programming. Use computer hardware to build something better, use coding, to code something cool, not for needs but just for fun.

There are much more methods to get more knowledge which can be fun and very interesting, have some good practice in becoming a Technology Guru? Write it down!

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