There are too many things, why you don’t need to like Blackberry Passport. And one of them is that they don’t copy others design. Those from Blackberry defined a narrower market target and as design whispers, they head the business makers.

As your phone could store important data, the best solution to make sure you don’t lose it in case the device breaks or gets stolen is to create periodic backups.

How to Backup data on Blackberry phones

1. Blackberry as other phone manufacturers has its own Phone Manager app. So, to backup or restore your phone you’ll need to download and install it. Download Blackberry Link

2. After you installed the app, connect your device to the computer using a USB Data Cable. If you are using the app for the first time, then you’ll need to sign in with your Blackberry ID (if you don’t own one, create it)

blackberry settings back up3. Now that you signed in, replug the device in the computer. Once Blackberry Link gets recognized, click the Gear icon from the right side of the app. You’ll get the device settings panel.

4. Find and tap the box labeled Select data to include in your backup files. Here select what data you want to backup, in most cases its better just to check all the boxes.

5. The last step is to press the button from the left menu, named Back Up Now. The process will start automatically and you wouldn’t be able to use your device until it’s finished.

How to Restore backup data on Blackberry phones

Restoring data it’s not a hard job. Note that you can restore data from older devices to new one’s or on the same old one.

Restoring is way easier if you cared to backup your device of course. Plugin your phone into the computer using a USB Data Cable. Then just head to the Settings panel by clicking the Gear icon from the right and press the Restore Data button from the left menu. The process will start immediately, you wouldn’t be able to use it till it finishes and it needs a little more time then when backing up.

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