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WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app. Just in some ears WhatsApp is avalaible on an impressive number of Android and iOS device. You can use WhatsApp app even on your Desktop.

Earlier we wrote an article on how to remove a ban from WhatsUp Plus. But today we will teach you how to backup messages to Google Drive.

Note that this functionality is not available to everyone. So to check if you have this functionality, you have to go to Settings > Chats and calls and check if there is a Chat backup option.

You can also go to the WhatsApp website from your mobile device and download the official APK file and install it. But remember to uninstall the older version before.

If your Android device won’t allow you to install the APK. You will have to go to Settings > Security, and then click Enable in the Unknown sources.

Note: After installing, if you get a message that a new version is available from Play Store. Don’t download it as it will actually install you an older version!

To Backup WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive

Settings > Chats and calls and check if there is a Chat backup option, from where you can select the method to backup.

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