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Usually web browsers store your browsing data and keeps it till you remove it manually. This data includes cookies, cache files, form data and other stuff. And it’s useful if you revisit the sites that you have already visited. But if you share computer with others and you don’t want others to find out which sites you’ve been surfing on, you may want to clear data every time you quit your browser.

Clear Data in Google Chrome automatically

1. Launch Chrome Browser

2. Head to Chrome Webstore and search for Click&Clean or just navigate directly to Click&Clean page.

3. On Click&Clean page click “Add to Chrome” button, this will add it to your browser.

clearandclean browser

4. A prompt will appear, asking if you for sure want to add this extension to your browser. Click Add.

sure a clearandclean browser

5. Now that the extension was added to your browser, click on its icon near the Chrome menu button. Then click on the “Options…” button and you will be taken to the configuration panel.


6. Check the “Delete private data when Chrome closes” from the EXTRA section.


That’s all. Now when you’ll quit Chrome it will automatically Clear history, cache and other data related to your session.

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