Elementary OS comes without Minimize button, in order to minimize the windows you can switch windows with Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut, or with Ctrl+?+Up/Down to Maximize/Unmaximize window.

There is a way to add minimize button, to add it we will have to install dconf-editor.

1. To install dconf-editor, open Terminal with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+t and type following command:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

2. Open the dconf-editor from Application Launcher or from terminal by writing: dconf-editor

3. Open in the menu: org > pantheon > desktop > gala > appearance just like in following screenshot:

dconf-editor to add minimize button

4. Change the line: close:maximize to close,minimize:maximize just like in following screenshot:

dconf-editor add minimize button

Now minimize button should allready appear in the windows, close dconf-editor and enjoy!

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