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Selecting better keywords for your articles and website, will target more users and visitors to your site. In this article I will describe how should you target the keywords for a better SEO.

Number of Keywords

This should be the first rule, you should not target only 1 keyword. A single keyword will never cover all the idea of the article, because of too few choices for search engine and users, your website will not be too visible.

The second part of the first rule is not to target a lot of keywords, like: 30, 50 and more. As you target more, the search engines will become not interested in your article and it will rank down your website.

The ideal number of keywords should be between 5 to 10 keywords, this number of keywords will give good rank to your website and a good SEO optimization for search engines.

The Keywords Content

You should learn and know that keywords with the same words in a different order or with more or less stop words like: a, the, for…, will count as one keyword. So automatically you loose from your list some keywords.

For example: If you use a keyword like ‘business advice’, your site will also naturally rank this keyword in all variants like: ‘advice for business’, ‘business advice’, ‘advices in business, etc.

I think you understand the concept, if you want to create a good quality and rich content, target the shortest keywords that describes the best your content.

Also should know that keywords should be words from title of the article, for a better result.

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