Many users of iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices startet to use iCloud service, this service is heavily promoted by Apple to their users, promoted as a secure way to store your personal data, have access to it from anywhere, save your space and synchronize with your other Apple devices. So you purchase 2 devices from Apple and you can set both of them to use iCloud. So how secure is iCloud?

It is interesting to read Apple’s iCloud: iCloud security and privacy overview document. As its name hints, it spells out how your data is encrypted—both when it’s transmitted between your computer and Apple’s servers and when it’s stored on farm-servers.

We can find out that Apple is using a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption. This is the encryption standard used by banks and other financial institutions. Practically there is no way to crack AES-128 encryption, but of course there are reverse ways to decrypt everything, but can take you years. other ways to pass through it is by finding weakness that allows to pass around it.

Having an iCloud service Apple will not guarantee that nothing bad can happen, so take your own responsibility for information that you store on iCloud, like passwords, photos and other sensitive data. Sure Apple and other companies are recommended as trustworthy with your personal information (and provide greater protection).

The risks:
Your local-storage solution is an option, but cannot be very convenient, if you are somewhere else, you’ll not have your device around and your data. Also your device can be stolen and you need to protect it with a good password, also this can be easily omitted, and he steals your data and you don’t have a backup. Writing somewhere down the passwords also is not a good idea as you can loose them, someone can read them.

Placing your data on cloud, can be also bad and good, bad because someone can get into it and steal you passwords, credit-cards data, use them and at the end share all your sensitive data on the network. But at last you’ll not loose your data, such as photos and passwords, usually Cloud service providers have a backup for your data. To mention, hacking Cloud storage is extremely a rare thing, usually when people complain about their lost accounts, this is because of their irresponsibility, to change the passwords time to time, to create a long password, at least 8 characters and including numbers and different symbols, logging on other devices than your own. Same things with your mail password with which you can restore you Cloud storage password.

Saying all these things you decide is it worth it or no.


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