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Having a site or blog, doesn’t always mean to have it for free by just registering on Blogger.com or WordPress.com.  To have your own personalized blog, using WordPress, you will have to invest some money. Do you know how much is it going to cost to create a self-hosted WordPress blog? In this post I will try to say how much it will cost you and where you can get it cheaper.

Domain Cost

The first thing you will have to do, would be to buy a domain name. A domain name would be the name of your website.com or .net or other. Having a domain name will be same as having a trademark and at the same time to be your ad online. Make sure to get a website address name that would sound interesting for visitors.

Following are the typical domain prices from different providers. If your intentions are for a long period and serious I would recommend you to buy a domain for 2 or more years, as you will get it cheaper. In the following list costs are per year.

Domain.com: $9.99

GoDaddy: $11.98

ShoutMyDomain: $9.99

NameCheap: $9.98

Web Hosting Cost

Web hosting costs much more than a domain name, web hosting is the server where your WordPress web site with the database and all other data will stay online, the place from where the visitors will load the website. I would recommend you to read more reviews about each web hosting provider before taking a decision. Here are some hosting providers that I would recommend. Note that prices are per month this time.

One moment here, for a WordPress website where you are planning to have more than 100 visitors everyday I would recommend to get a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, as other cheaper solutions like a shared hosting will not have enough resources to run your website.

DigitalOcean: $5

Bluehost: $11.97

Linode: $10

Hostgator: $11.97

Control Panel Costs

After getting a hosting server, you will have to configure it and install your website on it. Usually servers are on Linux, for a Windows server hosting you will have to pay more. I would recommend to choose a Linux server because it is more secured.

To configure manually the server you have to know a lot of Linux commands and read some guides. But I would recommend to use a control panel like CPanel. It is easy to install and use. CPanel costs some money, but there are good alternatives like Vesta Control Panel that it’s Free and you don’t need any knowledge to install it and then your website. It’s simple.

Vesta Control Panel: Free

Other Control Panels: Depends

Writing Articles

A popular blog will not necessary have many articles, quantity doesn’t matter. I will recommend you to have better less articles but with more text and good quality articles. You can write articles by yourself if you have enough time, or you can hire article writers from $2 – $25 per article.

Article Writer: $2 – $25 per article

That’s all, hope I helped you to calculate the cost for owning a WordPress Blog, please fell free to share and comment.

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