amazon drone

Amazon announced last year that they started working on the “Prime Air” project. Which comes to reduce the time it takes to deliver orders to costumers by using drones. So they started testing drones that could fly as fast as 50 miles/hour for up to 30 minutes at a time to deliver packages weighing up to 2.3kg (5lb).

Of course for such type of deliveries there should be a legal base and some safety rules, that’s why Amazon can’t just start delivering packages in US right now. FAA regulations for drone use are still at least 10 months away. That’s why Amazon just praised for an exemption that would allow the online giant to conduct immediate outdoor tests of its commercial drones.

However till they get a response, in US tests are only held in indoor facilities or at overseas locations, in Europe there are already outdoor tests. And they are mainly based on a range of capabilities including agility, flight duration, sense-and-avoid sensors and other capabilities.

Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president of global public policy recently stressed the differences between the U.S. and places like Europe “Nowhere outside of the United States have we been required to wait more that one or two months to begin testing”.

At the beginning of March 2015 Amazon received an airworthiness certificate to test its delivery drones outdoors in the U.S. However, Misener said that this was a nice gesture from the FAA, but the model of drone for which they got approved to test was already tested in other countries 6 months ago “We don’t test it anymore. We’ve moved on to more advanced designs that we already are testing abroad.”

However there are too much questions then answers to response to, till FAA get those regulations approved.

Will the drones work when the weather is bad? And what happens if the weather changes fast? Would people hunt package delivery drones and get the stuff inside?

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