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PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live are some of the most awesome services you can get. Both of them give you the chance to download free games every month. You can download games right on your console.

To download games for PlayStation Plus you will have to use the PlayStation Store online or the Xbox Marketplace for the Xpox Live.

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Well here are the best free games for this month that you are able to download for free:

PlayStation Plus

playstation 4 xbox one

Sony let their users pick three games for download this month. The games that won the three download are Broforce, something similar to Contra. For PS3 users, they the winner game is The Last Guy, a top-down game where you must rescue civilians from monsters and one more called Super Stardust HD, which is a classic style space shooter.

Let’s not forget about the PS Vita users which can get the Flame Over game, and the Reality Fighters game too! The game which can scan your face and create the fighter which looks just like you.

Check more on: PlayStation Store online

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Xbox Live

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The Xbox One offer you for free the Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. A legendary game with a great story, to solve crimes and be a legendary detective. The other title, Lords of the Fallen, one of the best RPG’s.

If you are playing on an Xbox 360, you can check out Supreme Commander 2, a great strategy game. Also that it is not all, check also the Borderlands.

Also you can play these Xbox360 games on the Xbox One and backwards as they are compatible!

Check more on: Xbox Marketplace

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What do you think guys? Do you like these free games? Do you have any great free titles? Please share in comments bellow.

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