Google Chromecast

In 2013, Google released to the market their first Chromecast. The advanced gadget was to change the face of entertainment. All one needed was to plug it behind their television, then use any android or iOS device to cast media at home. Besides, the device appealed to many, owing to its low price and exceptional streaming quality. In 2015, Google has launched its Chromecast 2. Are there new features or additional capabilities in the new Chromecast? Let’s find out together.

Chromecast 2

Chromecast users may not need to upgrade to Chromecast 2. The most outstanding difference between the two is their form factor.  The earlier model featured a stick but in the new Chromecast, there is a puck with a built in HDMI cable. The beauty with this feature is that the cable folds and clips at the back of the device. This makes it convenient for travelling with. If you are regular traveler, you will find Chromecast 2 to be instrumental. When plugged into the television, the device hangs from its cable.  One might be concerned about the weight the dangling Chromecast places on the HDMI port, but it has been proven to work efficiently. Furthermore, it stays behind the TV.

The new device comes in three different colors. You can select from red, yellow and black colors. The color may not be a factor since the device spends most of its time behind the TV. But, if you intend to use in your travel times, the color might be a reminder, for you to unplug it from the television. Its Wi-Fi connectivity has been improved. It supports 5GHz as compared to 2.4GHz spectrum supported by Chromecast.  In the new device, there are three antennae to improve the streaming.  Chromecast 2 can therefore leverage on modern routers.

Chromecast 2 Playbar

Another new feature in Google’s casting device, is gaming. Now you can cast some of your favorite games, to your television and use your tablet or phone as controller. But, do not get very excited about this, since presently only a few games can be played by Chromecast 2.  Fast Play features, allow quick streaming of videos. One does not have to wait for the videos to buffer. Browsing has also been made easier by updating the Chromecast app. For those with Chromecast but want high performance, Chromecast is a worthy upgrade.

Google Chromecast is definitely the way to go for those who love online gaming.

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