Some days back uTorrent announce that you can use uTorrent with no ads if you get to buy a subscription. Happily there is a method where you can get rid of uTorrent Ads for free. 

Me and I thing that you too are using uTorrent for many years for downloading torrent content from the internet. uTorrent looks like on of the best torrent clients which will not use a lot of RAM and will not have too many boring options. For sure you can find many more similar programs, but uTorrent looks like is the simplest and the best.

There is a problem with uTorrent client, it has a good number of banners which you cannot get rid of, without buying the full version of uTorrent. uTorrent costs 23 Euros for a 1 year subscription. On the other side uTorrent Pro includes some very good features like an antivirus scanner which will scan in real time the files you are downloading. Well if 23 Euros per year is too much, how do I get the free version of uTorrent without Ads?

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How to get rid of uTorrent Ads?

uTorrent Ads can also take you some internet traffic and use your hardware resources. Also uTorrent takes some time to load the ads and then you can have problems seeing list of your uTorrent downloads because Ads are too big on the screen.

If you don’t have yet uTorrent, you can download the Windows version from this aadress. The current version is called uTorrent Stable 3.4.5 build 41712. It can be installed only with some Next clicks, but pay attention and click No, when there are diverse offers like besides uTorrent to install some other apps. So please read carefully each windows before clicking the Next button.

After installation you can start uTorrent and go to Options -> Preferences. Then go to Advanced section.

uTorrent Preferences Advanced

Now what you have to do is to, find from the list on the down right side all the elements from the bellow. Double-Click on each element you find to replace True with False. See the list bellow:











Also there is a secret menu in uTorrent, when you go to click on Advanced make sure you hold the F2 key or Shift+F2. Then you will be able to see the menu which you just activated. Same thing you do, find the following from the list and set the to False.





After you finished click Ok to confirm. Now all the banners should disappear. If you got some issues, please make sure you try again and read carefully all the steps. Basically in any torrent version 90% of the listed options should be available. This is how you save some money and get rid of Ads on your Free uTorrent version.

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