Forza Horizon 2 is one of the best racing video game at the moment where you can play online with your friends, the most awesome thing from this game is that you can race with your friends when they are offline.


Forza Horizon 2 is available for Xbox One from September 30. Horizon 2 aims to offer the most realistic effects just like in real wordl. This game is not limited to track, you can race on a part of southern France and Italy, and just like in GTA, you can go anywhere you want, through forests, fields or railroads, no limits. The game has a lot of fan, even if you are not skilled, just take the most awesome Porsche and drive it through any field, race with your friends and push each other into trees at speeds higher that 150 mph, go into the curbs like a crazy maniac, no limits at all.

You can race against computers, and against you offline friends, which will have to race against you when you will be offline. They will race with your saved clone, and the feeling is just as racing with you.

You will have a diverse set of opponents based on your online friends and other player, some players will be aggressive smashing into you and trees, some will be very clean, the game is very interesting and unique. You can try Single Player where you can smash into oncoming traffic, or if you are a Pro show what you can through traffic.

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