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Many users running Windows 8 started seeing some mouse lag issues. Usually the mouse starts to lag when mousing over programs, or some areas filled with more programs. It is a very awkward situation as mouse lags even when it is on the start bar. It seems like mouse starts to lag when it is over the areas which have more information. This is frustrating Windows 8 users and actually it can be easily w

How to Fix Windows 8 Mouse Lag Issues

First you should check if your computer has enough RAM memory, to make sure that the problem is not from somewhere else. Check your memory usage by going intro Task Manager by right-clicking your Start bar and then select “Performance” tab where you will be able to see if you have any abnormally high memory usage programs, also make sure that you don’t have too many programs open. It almost sounds like you have a lot of applications open.

If everything is OK, we will have to adjust you Windows visual effects, follow these steps:

1. Simultaneously press Windows key and X and select Control Panel.

2. From Control Panel select System.

3. From the list on the left select “Advanced system settings“.

4. In the window under “Performance” select “Settings“.

5. In the first tab “Visual Effects” select “Adjust for best performance”, then click Apply and OK.

Now check if mouse lag still persists, it should be fixed.


  1. would do almost everything it takes just to get out of the old Windows 7 and the evident lagging problems of Windows 8. Some people get stuck at 7 or 8, and couldn’t seem to find a way out. Well, say no more, since

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