genuine copy of windows


This warning message strikes after a few days of working on the new copy of Windows 7, installed on your machine. The meaning of the message is “Hey! Whether you got a Pirated copy of Windows whether the License key on it was disabled due to multiple violations”.

How strange it may sound but on Windows there is a legal method to delay occurrence of this warning, but this shouldn’t stop you from buying a Genuine Windows OS.

How to delay occurrence of the warning

1. Head to the Start menu, in the search box write: cmd When you get the results, right-click on the cmd (Command prompt) and click Run as administrator.

cmd run as administrator

2. Now, in the Command Prompt write following command and press Enter:
If all goes fine, a confirmation window will popup stating that the “Command completed succesfully”. Restart computer for the changes to have effect.

windows 7 genuine error delay

This tip doesn’t crack or hack your computer, it just delays the warning for another 60 days.

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