Windows 10 System Restore

After using it for 15 years, System Restore is Disabled by default in Windows. Now you need to learn how to manually enable it.

Starting with Windows XP, System Restore was automatically activated, and it could save your system when encountering big issues. System Restore was included for the first time in Windows Millenium or ME, but not too many heard of such Windows version.

Unfortunately System Restore is deactivated in Windows 10, happily it still exists, and it can be too late for you if something bad happens, so you should better activate it, and leave it activated, it will not bother you.

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Why System Restore Was Deactivated In Windows 10 And How To Activate It?

Microsoft didn’t explain why they deactivated System Restore, but a cause could be the space that it uses, thinking that Microsoft tries to push Windows 10 on the tablets which have only about 16 – 128GB of space available.

Even if System Restore is deactivated you can still use Windows integrated tool and try to fix it. You can simply restore your Windows in a certain situation, and you will be able to keep your data untouched.

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How much space does it use?

But System Restore would give you much more comfort and if you have it you have some free gigs you have to activate it. But if you have an SSD with limited space you should think twice before activating it. Note that System Restore can use at least 500MB from each disk.

When to activate it?

The best moment to activate it, is when you just finished all your configurations and Windows 10 is running perfect. That is the perfect time to activate System Restore. Activating it when you have issues will not make thing better but worse.

Windows 10 System Restore

To active System Restore is to press Start and start typing Restore, from there you choose the option Create a restore point. You can get to it by going to System Protection from System.Windows 10 System Restore

In a new window you will see your disk partitions which are Off. To activate it you will have to click on Configure from the down right corner of the window. When activating it you will use a slider to select the amount of space you can sacrifice for System Restore. More space means that more backup points will be accessible when something bad happens. To confirm the space amount you selected click OK.

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