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Many people love Mac computers even if they cost much more that a simple computer. Mac computers have a beautiful design, good hardware performance and can be used as the best computers for video and audio editing. Of course you can use your Mac for everything you want except gaming.

Having a new Macintosh can be exiting, but what about the software it has presintalled. We know that Macs are usually clean with not to many apps installed.

I’ll give you the best suggestion about the first 10 apps you have to install on your Mac computer. You will be the happiest person on the earth with a new Mac computer and the best software to make your live easier.


Dropbox is a very useful program, that can keep files up to date on multiple computers and other devices at the same time. Now Dropbox offers up to 16GB free space, which is more that enough, but for a Pro version you can get up to 1TB of space. Dropbox has a folder where you place anything you want, that folder will be synchronized with your other devices, every file you change or add will be the same on the other computer and devices.


Also you should know that Dropbox offers you to share a file or a folder to other people that do not have nothing in common with Dropbox, so you will give them a link to access your shared file or folder.


Currently Skype is the most popular messenger and video conference program, no one is close to Skype. Also Skype offers internet telephone calls with different inexpensive calling plans for unlimited calls to specific countries. With Skype you can even send SMS message to mobile phones.

skype video call

I have to mention that Skype has a great video and audio quality compared to other alternatives. Skype is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux.


VLC media player is a must for every PC. VLC is a video playback software that supports every video format, it can play internet streaming, read all kinds of disc formats and converts unknown video formats to be able to read them.

vlc media player

VLC media player has a free version available for download, it does not place any Ads.


Every Mac will come with iTunes, but a serious deal would be Spotify. Spotify is a streaming service that has tons of features including a dedicated MP3 manager and unlimited music.

spotify logo

Also Spotify is the worlds most spread music streaming service. It’s simple the best.


After many security issues with Safari browser, and a lack of improvement, I would recommend one of the most advanced web browsers here, Chrome browser from Google. Do not hesitate to change your browser just because another browser does not fit with Apple design concepts. With Chrome browser you can have different skins and colors.

chrome browser welcome screen

In my opinion Chrome is the fastest browser, and now it canot sync across your computers and mobile devices including iOS devices. Safari has iCloud and Safari it’s not a bad option, but Chrome has the best features and the Chrome Store with the biggest list of extensions.


You can get GraphicConverter for $40.GraphicConverter has more in common with Photoshop than just previewing the images.


GraphicConverter can open almost all type of image files, and can do some good editings like: gradients, fills, cropping, canvas, resizing and down sampling. Also you can directly import images from scanners and cameras including the RAW format, and much more like uploading images and photos directly to Google+, Flickr, and other services.


Why not to have a very simple and comfortable launchpad LaunchBar instead of  OS X’s Launchpad and Spotlight Pick LaunchBar ($29 individual, $48 family), which can index and link all sort of stuff like: music, contacts, apps, emoji, search history, bookmarks, and more.

launch bar control

LaunchBar can be used from a keystroke like default Command-Escape. Then you type some letters and press return to launch or open the app you want. With LaunchBar you can also find files in your computer. It it is very comfortable and more in one integrated tools.


1Password includes is a password manager and includes a password generator and secure password storage. For #$50 you can have it. Create random password with different rules and keep your passwords securely stored for you.

1password screenshot

1Password comes with browser plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to use it without opening the app. Also you can store more information for more users, have credit-cards numbers and pin codes. Versions are available for Windows, iOS, and Android, the database for the password is synced between different versions of operating systems.


HandBrake can be you favorite Free DVD ripping tool. It can rip DVDs and convert media files like streaming formats and mobiles formats. It’s simple and useful software that you must have.

handbrake dvd ripping tool


CrashPlan is the last and one of the most important app that I recommend. It can back up any selection of files to a connected drive or a local area network volume, it can peer drive or it can be used with a cloud service. The cloud service will cost about $4-$6/month individual and $9-$14/month for family. The peer-to-peer option lets you push encrypted files to another drive even through internet.

crashplan backup

CrashPlan’s can be used after installing Java. Don’t worry about installing Java for CrashPlan as it is safe because Java will not be for Web use.

Hope these 10 First apps will make your life easier and will help you day by day to use your computer more interactively and more safe and secure.

If you have your own Top 10 First Apps do not hesitate to add the in the comment section bellow!

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