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FIREWATCH is a game like no other. This game uses a new genre which is called a “walking simulator”. The game will ask you to make simple and easy quests, the rest of the game is just walking and admiring the beautiful landscapes.

Such games can catch you with the atmosphere. It makes you to feel the need to look around more and more. You will want to do more researches, listen the minimal music and research the world around you.

FIREWATCH is attracting the player with unusual style, with the most beautiful landscapes and atmosphere.  It’s like we are going in the beautiful forests to take photos.

firewatch 1

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The game definitely is not about forest fire. The game is creating a very interesting story, its a story composed of mystic and regular things you have to do daily in your life.

FIREWATCH – is a history of loneliness. It’s like having you locked in a separate world and you have to resolve the quest. For the several hours you will not notice this, but you will gonna realize soon that you are going to get an answer.

The role in this game is different. When you start the game, it seems that you are not the one playing the role, the role seems to be played by the forest. A very beautiful forest the middle of the summer. If you are playing this game in winter, soon you will forget that outside is real winter and its cold.

firewatch 2

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in the FIREWATCH walking game there is almost no a gaming process or rules. Here you will not find anything useless. What you need to do is to go in a line through a big forest. The genre will make you attracted to it.

Check FIREWATCH screenshots which you can use as Wallpapers.

The game has some dialogues, if it would not have these dialogues, we would get just a big forest gaming sandbox. The dialogues makes the sense of the game, by telling you interesting stories about the life problems. Letting you to know the meaning o FIREWATCH.

firewatch wallpaper 2

At first, it seem that the game doesn’t have any graphic performance, no beautiful graphics in a word. The game is in a parallax world, and suddenly the music and style creates something very beautiful.

FIREWATCH doesn’t give anything new, but the guys from Campo Santo could make a walking game were everything has a perfect angle, where all five hours of walking will make you want to return.

You will get back to FIREWATCH, as your soul will be attracted to this world again. You will want to open this door once again to check its world.

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