fingerprint sensor - nexus5x vs iphone 6plus 2

Not long time ago was presented the new iPhone 6 models, some of them even had some problems with their keyboard in landscape mode. Now Google presented the Nexus 5X, just like the last time, the new Nexus 5X mode is manufactured also by the LG.

Both iPhone 6 (all models) and Nexus 5X (finally got a fingerprint sensor) got fingerprint sensors. Apple calls it’s fingerprint sensor “Touch ID”, Google calls it’s fingerprint sensor “Imprint”. We will try to compare Apple’s innovation with Google innovation, exactly the last feature on all mobile phones in the world, the fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Sensor Battle

First thing we will start with, would be the design of the phones and fingerprint sensor.


We decided to compare the iPhone 6 Plus model with the Google 5X model as they are more similar in sizes. The LG Nexus 5X has got a 5.2 inch display and the iPhone 6 Plus has got a 5.5 inch display.

fingerprint sensor - nexus5x vs iphone 6plus 1

The Nexus 5X fingerprint sensor is situated on the back of the phone, in the middle of the back of the phone, the fingerprint sensor has a edge which comes up a little, so you can feel it. The iPhone’s 6 Plus fingerprint sensor is situated on the front of the phone. It is also a round with chrome edges. The fingerprint’s sensor edge comes up little out so you can feel it too. Both fingerprint sensors are round and with edges coming out.


Google’s fingerprint sensor Imprint allows to unlock your phone, secure logins and make payments. The fingerprint sensor is API is implemented in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

You can see more feature of the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow on this page.

The Nexus 5X Imprint sensor recognizes a print in 600ms. Also it is capable to learns more about your fingerprint as you use it. Its reliability will increase over the time you use it.

fingerprint sensor - nexus5x vs iphone 6plus 2

You can use Apple touch ID to make payments, also make payments other the Apple Pay. The fingerprint sensor API is integrated in iOS too.

Crash Test

Yes! A crash test for fingerprint sensors! You never thought of something like this. Well, what I can tell you different fingerprint sensors on different phones can be crashed when you drop your phone.

Let’s start with the Nexus 5X. Some users already dropped their brand new Nexus 5X devices. Unfortunately as always the screen was damaged. The fingerprint sensor was not damaged and works fine.

fingerprint sensor - nexus5x vs iphone 6plus 3

Well it went good for Google Nexus 5X. Think that Apple iPhone 6 has some trouble here. Many users reported that after dropping their iPhones the fingerprint sensor is not working.

fingerprint sensor - nexus5x vs iphone 6plus 4

Well, if you look closely when the iPhone display is damaged it seems that somehow it affects the fingerprint sensor too. So when you will go to replace your display, do not forget to have some more cash for replacing the fingerprint sensor too.

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