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In Windows 10 you can exactly find what apps drains you battery, which apps are using too much power. There is such a feature in the new Settings app. Now this feature is also available on Windows 10 for desktop.

Find Which Applications Drain Your Windows 10 Battery

To find which apps drain Windows 10 battery, you will have to go to Settings app, select “System” and then select “Battery saver.” Or you can type “Battery saver” into the Cortana search box and select the “Battery saver” option.

windows 10 battery use

On the right side you will see how much battery life you have remaining. Click or tap on the “Battery use” link under to see more details.

Analyze Battery Usage

In Battery Use, you are able to see information for all apps for “24 Hours”, “48 Hours” and “1 Week”. Bellow you will see information regarding the battery usage of your System, Display and Wi-Fi.

windows 10 battery use system display wi-fi

Also there you can see the “In use” and “Background” options, which shows how much power apps use in the background and when you use them. From there you can tap the “Change background app settings” link and configure the app you want to not to run in the background.

windows 10 battery change background app settings

If you scroll down, you will see a more useful list, where you can see the list of apps that have used most of battery power. Looks just like on Android device. It displays a list of the apps have have used battery power on a period.

windows 10 battery usage

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If you will click on a specific app, you will see much more information about its battery usage for the last 24 hours, 48 hours, or one week. Also you can see “Allowed” option under some Windows 10 apps. From there you can see which app is allowed to run in the background. You can Disable this option if you want the app no to run in the background and to stop using battery power.

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