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Many Windows users already upgraded to the new Windows 10. Windows 10 has new features that can do almost anything. One of the feature is to quickly search for something in the Start menu and filter the search results.

The Start Menu search is improved on Windows 10, and also you can filter the search results based on type. Read bellow how to enable filtering in Windows 10 Start Menu.

Windows 10 Filter Start menu

You can do it very simple, just click or tap on the Start Menu and search for anything you need. After you wrote what you want to find click on the  sign at the top right. This will open up a bar at top of the start menu. From there you can filter what you are searching for by choosing: Apps, Settings, Files, Web.

Do It in Geeky Way

To do it in a geeky way you will have to add a prefix before the word you are searching for.

For example you are searching for: mouse

You can type in start menu: settings:mouse and you will get the results that are in settings and are about mouse.

Same thing you can do: apps:mouse and you will find the apps that have a similar name to word mouse or are related to mouse word.

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