After Antivirus Scan and removing some viruses, you found out that when Windows is starting up you get a error message, for example “windows cannot find c:\program files(x86)\rocket tab\client.exe“. This usually happens because antivirus has removed some infected files from the folder where the program is installed.

If the program is set to start up, it won’t work at windows start up, neither when you will try to start the program manually.


1. In our case the problem was with program called “Rocked Tab“, to fix the program run the setup again and choose: Repair, this will resintall the program without removing any configurations you’ve made.

2. If you don’t need the program, you can just disable it for running at Windows start up, Click “Start” > “Run” and type “msconfig” and hit enter. Go to “Startup” tab and from the list disable the program which is giving the error at startup.

Thats All!

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