check box select files and folders

You can make Windows show small check boxes to the left of the folders and files. This will help you to select multiple Files or Folders and take actions like: move, delete, cut or any other operations. Also, at the top, you will have a checkbox that selects all the files and folders. Enable or Disable Checkbox reminds us the photo gallery from your smartphone, where you can select multiple photos and do whatever you want.

This option works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The option to checkboxes will help you to manage faster a big list of files, folders or all together. It was introduced in folder options starting with Windows 7.

check box select files and folders

How to Enable or Disable the CheckBox on any Windows

You can easily disable or enable the checkboxes according to your preferences. You can do it from Folder Options found in Control Panel.

On newer versions of Windows, you can click Start and type: Folder Options

On all Windows systems, you can go to Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Options

checkbox folder options

In folder options window, you have to go to View tab. Under View tab, scroll down to the end of Advanced settings, as shown in the screenshot from above, you will be able to Check or Uncheck the: Use check boxes to select items.

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