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After using your Android smartphone for a while, chances are that it might start slowing down and one of the major causes of that problem is RAM, a short form for random access memory, which maybe, is overloaded. It happens fast because you keep downloading apps and storing data in your phone without thinking about the space available. For your phone to stop struggling, you must address the problem by doing something about the RAM. Here is what you can do.


Reduce Widgets and Wallpapers

The best and easier way to preserve you RAM is by limiting widgets and live wallpapers because they are very greedy as far as RAM usage is concerned. Typically, they refresh more often while some of them are continuously active and in that way, they occupy bandwidth. That does not only consume the RAM Storage but also drain your battery faster. In order to optimize the current available memory, all you need to do is limit their number and only leave the ones that are necessary.

Disable Applications

Increase RAM on Android

To optimize your RAM, you need to disable some applications because they consume RAM even at the times you’re not using them. Even though it takes time, organizing the apps into the ones that should and should not run is worth the effort because it will improve the performance of your Android Phone.

To disable the applications that should not be running, go to Settings then hit the Apps or Application Manager and then to the All tab and the list of all the current applications on your smatphone will appear. Tap on the application that should not be running and then tap Disable then confirm. In case you don’t use the apps that come pre-installed on your device, simply delete them.

Disable Animations

Animations are greedy for RAM but they’re never essential. Developer options will help you manage them easily. To enable Developer Options, move to the Settings and then select About phone. Next, tap on the build number several times until you see a notification that you’ve become a developer. Developer option will move to the Settings and therefore you’ll select it and then move to drawing section. When you’re there, turn off window animation scale and animation duration scale. In that way, you’ll have saved your RAM a great deal.

Using these few tips, you can enhance the RAM of your Android phone. You can try them and make your quick and exciting.

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