Your computer might be on the slow running mode and opening a file or accessing internet might be one long painstaking journey every other time. This could continue even after you have upgraded the OS of your computer. You can consider upgrading some basic components of your computer to ensure that it runs faster and more efficiently. After all, a fast computer makes easier and enjoyable to do. Here is what to consider;



If your computer is running slow, you will need to consider installing an additional RAM. Such programs as games and video editing require quite a huge amount of operating memory. Installing RAM is pretty easy and doesn’t need a lot of technical knowhow. You will notice quite a tremendous improvement if you install a 4 GB RAM on your computer which was running on a 2 GB RAM.

Graphics Card

nvidia card featured wallpaper

If you are an ardent fan of games especially those that come with a lot of motion, you definitely need a graphics card. Graphics cards can be categorized into two; the 3D Modeler which is designed for the not very intensive programs and the 3D Animator which is quite advanced.

Data Drive

Many experts will recommend the upgrading of your computer data drive if you no longer have adequate space or if your computer is slow. This is especially the case if you are often running out of space. All you need to do is exchange the space you have with a larger one. One of the basic rules with space is to always keep 10 GB free space in the operating system area. You can also increase the speed of your computer so as to have easier access to files.



Of all the upgrades we’ve considered, installing a processor is the most expensive and advanced one. It will however come with a plethora of benefits when installed. The one thing with the processor that you have to consider is that if you find the upgrade is major, you can forego it and consider buying another computer. You need to consider compatibility issues which are essential in the purchase and the installation of a processor. You might also be forced to buy a new motherboard, RAM and install new software.

These are a few things that can help improve the performance of your PC. They are simple and you can ask a technician to help you.

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