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Every computer requires you to install some programs for you to work efficiently. You need to use some of the programs regularly and making it necessary to create a shortcut icon on the desktop. This enables you to access it fast. If you are not careful, you might find yourself filling the whole desktop with shortcut icons to a point where you are no longer able to easily find an icon of a program or app that you intend to open.  It may have happened to you at one point or another. It is a messy situation and you need to manage your desktop shortcuts.

Desktop Shortcuts 1

You might be tempted to clean up your desktop of all of the icons that you have created. While this might seem prudent for a moment, don’t forget that some icons are critical because they are quite unique and essential.

Here are two easy ways you can follow in creating a shortcut on your desktop;

The first method of creating an icon is rather straight forward. It can be used on almost anywhere on the system especially where the desktop itself is made the directory. The desktop helps in the creation, personalization and even control of the icons. When on the site or the app you want to have a shortcut to, you only need to right click on the open space and click on the shortcut option. You will with typing the name of the program that you want to be accessing using the shortcut. You can opt to name the shortcut the name you want but it’s advisable to go by the program’s full name.

Desktop Shortcuts 2

The second method of creating a shortcut is pretty easy and efficient. Because creating a shortcut is pretty obvious it will automatically be sent to the desktop. You can have a specific location on the desktop to store them. All you need is to do is go to Windows Explorer/ File Explorer and pick the target file which you will then right click on. Go to the ‘send to’ sub menu and click on the Desktop shortcut option provided. Such shortcuts go to a specific file and this definitely helps you in the creation and the organization of all your essential shortcuts.

These are the two main ways to create shortcuts on your desktop. They are easy, choose one and you can find your programs within a second.

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