Making a personal movie is no longer a dream for you especially if you are the proud owner of an iPhone. With this phone you can actually make videos at home combine them with clips transitions and insert some photos. Like a real movie you can also include a soundtrack and numerous other effects while using the crispy unique iMovie app in your iPhone. This app will enable you to explore a lot as far as movie making goes.

Go to iMovie App

iMovie App

On your iPhone, open the iMovie app which will go straight to the video section which has all the videos that you have taken with your device. Even videos in iCloud are also to be found in this section. To the right of the ‘video’ icon, there is the ‘project’ icon which you should tap on and find the ‘create project’ icon.

Start by Taking the Shots

iMovie App 2Take as many shots as you can for your movie. With iMovie, you can use still pictures to create a quick story telling in the movie. All current iPhones with iOS 8 come with a preinstalled iMovie application. iPhones purchased in August 2013 and before don’t have this ingenious app. If it so happens that to your Smartphone didn’t come with preinstalled IOS 8, you can easily upgrade it and get iMovie for free. For the iPhones bought before Sept 2013 and without iOS 8, you can visit App Store and buy the iMovie app for $4.99.

Create a Trailer or a Movie

You can create a trailer or a movie but for the movie, you have to edit, add music, and insert other videos and photos. You will be needed to create a theme whether you are making a trailer or a movie. These themes are designed to make your project fun, real and professional. To make your trailer fuller, playful and exciting, you can use the different sections of the ‘storyboard’ to insert your own unique clips.

Creating a movie with your iPhone is made exciting because you can edit it in whatever way you can think of. Just make the cursor hover on the bubble on the right hand corner where all the help is found in making and editing of your movie. Click on ‘Done’ icon when you are finished with making the movie. You can then watch it on your phone, Apple TV or even share it with family and friends to iMovie Theater.

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