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Based on xda-developers guides, I tried to make for you a clean and easy tutorial to Root your HTC Desire 816. This guide will take you less than 30 minutes and will give root access to your Android device.

Rooting you HTC Desire 816 means that you will have the highest level of access and you can do with it whatever you want. For example you can uninstall all the bloatware and crapware that was installed by the HTC or/and by the mobile carrier operator. Then you can customize it and install anything you want, navigate through all the system folders and do whatever you want.

Please pay attention as removing files or apps that are necessary for you phone can crash the system or remove some possibilities like calling. Very important! Note that this will void your warranty and unlocking bootloader, and it will also erase all your data in internal storage!

1. Install HTC Sync Manager

htc sync managerBasically HTC Sync Manager will recognize your device when you will connect it to PC via USB cable and will install all the necessary drivers.

2. Unlock the Bootloader

Before rooting your device you will have to unlock the Bootloader.

Follow the steps listed here :

From the link you will open, you will have to select device model.

3. Install a Custom Recovery

Now you will have to download and install a custom recovery, I would recommend a CWM Recovery. Download a recovery.exe from this link here.

Now you have to run your phone into fastboot and to run the exe file on your PC that you downloaded. If you don’t know how to get into fastboot check Step 3. from How to Root HTC Desire 510.

Boot into recovery by selecting HBOOT and use Power button to select and to scroll use the Bolume buttons.

4. Download and flash SuperSU

For the last step you will have to download theĀ  Download the latest SuperSU from here! Place the file on your phone on sd card, not in any other folder, just on the root of the sd card.

Then Boot into recovery mode, this is how you do it:

Step 1. Disable the Fastboot option on your HTC One by going to Settings>Battery>Uncheck the Fastboot key at the bottom of the screen.
Step 2. Turn off your device and wait a couple of seconds until the process is complete.
Step 3. Next, press at the same time and hold the Volume Down key, then press the Power button to turn on your HTC One. Release the button but still keep on holding the Volume button.
Step 4. You will then enter on the Recovery Mode after a boot option will appear on the screen. Use the Volume Down to navigate to Recovery and press Power button to select.

Then select “Install Zip from SD Card” and choose the flashable zip file that you downloaded. Select “Yes” to flash it.

5. Reboot

After flashing completes, reboot you device! You have successfully rooted you HTC Desire 816 device! Congratulations!

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