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Linux has currently been on the rise as the most popular Linux installer on Windows, the best part is that it lets you install directly from your Windows. Many users have confirmed that it is very friendly, mainly because it is more convenient than any other installer program that have been created. It has proved to be more conversant than any other version. Most programs will give you a headache, but Linux stands out with its simplicity. You install it like any other dashboard window profile. This is quite simple as you will only need to follow guidelines. Every step is prompted as you install it and all you need is to click and move on. You can as well uninstall it with command prompt when you no longer need it. Also earlier we talked about Why Linux is Better than Windows.

Linux is very advantageous as it does not use a lot of space on your system. Apparently the installer has only been availed in an ISO disk image file, this confirms that it is very impossible to install in a computer that has no CD or DVD such as a notebook. Well, if you are much conversant with the windows you can actually use a windows installer to mint on any PC and no DVD drive will be required.

Apparently this has been able to ease installation easier running of the system. You will only need to follow the simple steps to install Linux Mint window installer. It is important to back up your system regularly this ensures that you do not lose any vital documents in your system. The reward for installing Linux mint windows are amazing and recently it has become the most popular version of Linux and boasts of an impressive user interface inclusive of good software is installed and used for free. What’s more, from the Linux Mint window installer?

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Installation Steps

All you need is a pc Windows 7 or 8 ensure that you have antivirus installed, although the Linux installer is totally safe. Always ensure that you back up your system.

Linux Mint Windows Installer

Ensure that once it’s installed when the installer opens. You save it to the CD DVD drive than save lastly after running it in the system. Select where you would want to install Linux and get to choose your preference, language.

Linux Mint Installation

The Linux mint window installer will definitely make your work easy. It’s a unique program that most users have enjoyed using.

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