Google Drive

Most of us cannot survive without Google Drive anymore. Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud sharing platform, besides the Dropbox and OneDrive from Microsoft.

In this article I will teach you some great tricks make Google Drive to work for you even better and faster!

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Use Bookmarks to Create New Files Quickly

Why not try using the next time you need to create a file? If you create a bookmark from this link, it becomes a quick-click way to open a new document! You could also replace the word “docs” in the URL with “sheets” to create a Google spreadsheet, “slides” to create a Google presentation, “drawings” if you want a Google drawing etc. If you use it regularly, you can create bookmarks for all of these to simplify your Google drive life!

Make Use of Templates

Google Drive Templates

Templates were created to make our work load dramatically lighter! There is no need to work harder, impress people with how smart you can work. You can create anything from a professional resume, an agenda, presentation, project time line – as a matter of fact, before you start something, check this link to see whether a template exists. Simple go to and select the best that fits for you.

Use your Drive to Store Files

Remember, the files people share with you on Google Drive are listed in the Shared with me section. However, the documents are just listed in your Drive – only the links are in your drive, not the actual documents.

Google Drive Share

There is a button, the Add to Drive-button at the top (in the toolbar), which can be used to save the actual shared file to your drive. It is there for a reason – make your life easier: store your documents safely.

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