Downloading a video from YouTube and then uploading the video to Google Drive will take some good time, also in the process of downloading the video will lose from quality. But there is an interesting way on how you can get original videos from YouTube right into you Google Drive.

Google has an option in Google Takeout, that will let you to download their original high-resolution videos directly to Google Drive. To try it click the link bellow which will get you to Google Takeout

Google Takeout/Custom/Youtube

Click the Next button and choose Add to Drive and that’s it. Now all your YouTube videos will be zipped and added to the Takeout folder in you Google Drive. See bellow:

google takeout add to drive

It will take some time for the process to start. Also if the video will exceed 2GB, will be divided in multiple files of 2GB each. An in addition to original videos, description will be included.


  1. Wil je al je uitlegfilmpjes die op YouTube staan in één keer uploaden naar Google Drive, lees dan dit artikel: Technozed: „Download YouTube Videos Directly to Google Drive”.

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