Facebook Messenger Desktop

Today every messenger try to give you all possibilities, for example Viber is really trying to catch up the Skype. So if you remember Viber at first was just a simple Messenger for your smartphone.

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Same with Facebook Messenger it continuously develops and today it tries to be the messenger for all. The last update was released with a desktop version of Facebook Messenger.

What will you get from Desktop version?

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is not only trying to be a text messenger, with the desktop version you can also see if the people saw your message. Today this is an important thing for many of us, as we will know if the person is not willing to answer to us but he saw the message :) . Another thing is that you can make now HD calls, snap photos and shoot videos. Also record voice messages and chant in groups.

The Facebook Messenger can be downloaded and used fro free, you can use it on Linux, Mac Os and Windows, so get it from here: Download Link

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