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Does the Web Server Distance Affect the Website Load Time

Thinking theoretically the Web Server distance can affect the Website load time, assuming that till data gets to server it will take more kilometers which in time would be more mile seconds, and more internet hops.

Practically the answer would be No, and that’s why. If you are living closer to your Web server, the data requested from you won’t go directly from your house to the Web server, but actually it will make a big tour around the local internet provider, central internet providers, exchange some data with international servers and many other components, then it will reach your website.

The next thing is if your region at the moment when you request the website to load, is being saturated you could get the website to load slower the from a web server which is situated much far from your home. In this case your website could load faster from a server situated in Europe and your home would be the some where in the U.S.A.

How to Reduce the Distance Between Your Website and Your Users

To reduce the distance between your website and your users, theoretically would be to move the web server closer to your users. But practically this is not the best solution as there can be 50 to 50 chances that the load time will be decreased.

A easy option would be to employ a content delivery network (CDN). What does CDN is that it hosts images, video files, stylesheets, scripts and other large files. Copies of these files are stored to different CDN servers in the world. When a user connects to the website, the data will be delivered from the closest CDN. A CDN should be closer that 10,000 miles away from your visitor.

The CDN option will decrease your website load time and will also decrease your web server bandwidth and resources usage.

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