smartphone screen protector

A good scratch on your smartphone will make you feel bad. No one wants to have an expensive smartphone with scratches on it. Many people still buy screen protectors to protect their smartphone screens from scratches. Almost all smartphone manufacturers continue to release smartphones with scratch resistant screens, anti-scratch screens and the most popular we have, smartphones with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

How Screen Protector Works ?

A screen protector is a plastic shield that you will have to apply on your smartphone screen. To apply a screen protector, you will have to clean the display using a microfiber cloth, then apply the screen protector. The with a credit card or something similar you will have to push air bubbles off the screen.

The advantage is that if your screen gets scratched, only the screen protector shield will be scratched, after if it gets to many scratches you can remove it and buy a new one and replace it. Screen protectors are very cheap like $1 to $4.

Is “Scratch Resistant Screen” or “Corning Gorilla Glass” Enough Scratch Resistant ?

Looks like the time of screen protectors is almost over. Most smartphones you will buy today will have Corning’s Gorilla Glass or other Anti-Scratch screen. For example Corning says that the last released version is with up to 40% more scratch resistant than the last version, also much thinner.

You should know that a smartphone with a scratch resistant screen can protect your smartphone from scratches like: keys in your pocket and other materials that can scratch your screen. Unfortunately scratch resistant screens cannot protect the screen from deep scratches, like hard sharp materials or when your phone falls down on rocks. By the time you will get anyway some scratches on your screen even from sand.

Do We Really Need a Screen Protector?

Getting a scratch resistant smartphone doesn’t mean that it will be completely safe from scratches. By the time you will get some very small scratches which will be visible in a sunny day for example.

Also you will get a few big and deep scratches that will be visible every time. You will get some of these scratches when dropping your phone on rocks or when touching or hitting the phone of some hard and sharp materials, more that this other types of glass, or hard materials, or diamonds can also scratch a Gorilla Glass screen.

Having a screen protector will help anyway, also the benefits is that it will reduce finger print coating. You are able to choose also matte screen protector shield which will not reflect the sun and you will be able to see easy your smartphone screen even on the most sunny days.

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