Firewall is an important security software that protects your computer. Usually computer users install an antivirus software on their computer thinking that it is enough. So do you need a third party firewall? and when?

Do I Need A Third Party Firewall?

A firewall will block unrequested incoming connections. The firewall can allow access to network file shares and other services that you require. Other services or things will be blocked automatically.

Generally a firewall will block the potentially vulnerable services, it will make sure to filter and allow only the services that you requested.

On earlier version of Windows like Windows XP, there was no firewall on your computer. Actually it was, but it wasn’t activated. Because of this many big worms like Blaster worm made huge problems for Windows users.

Now the firewall can protect your computer against such worms. By default Firewall is enabled from Windows XP SP2 and all Windows versions after Windows XP SP2.

Windows 8 Firewall

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Is Default Windows Firewall Good Enough?

The Windows Firewall does block incoming connections just like any other third-party firewall. Other firewalls like Comodo, or Norton will pop-up more often and will ask you to manually manage incoming connections. While Windows Firewall will do its job in the background and you won’t notice it.

Usually when you install a new software that wants to receive incoming connections, the firewall will pop up and will ask you if you want to allow the access.

Firewall Windows Alert

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When Do I Need A Third Party Firewall?

Windows firewall will do its job with no problems. It will block incoming connections. A third-party firewall is more advanced and it offers some more advanced features.

Windows offers an advanced firewall configuration interface where you can create rules, but still it is too complicated for simple users. A third party firewall will try to ask you more questions and will look more simple when configuring. Also you will have much more options.

A third-party firewall can control each application. You can choose which application can access the internet and which application should never have access to it. There you have more control other your apps.

Other advanced features of third-party firewall include the following:

  • Managing traffic on your computer – you can easy check with graph which application or service use internet or network traffic, you can limit the traffic or restrict it.
  • You can create rule to block internet attacks or block specific types of connections.
  • A third-party firewall can secure all your connections when you are online, so nobody will access them.
  • Also you can easy monitor all incoming and outgoing internet connections.

A third-party software is a very good security tool that will do a lot of work to keep your computer safe from all incoming connections that should not get to you.


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