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Every day a company or a government institution website gets hacked by predators that are always looking for insecure accounts to steal from. You don’t get to hear to hear about all hacked because individuals have lesser capacity of telling the world about it. In fact, the accounts that are prone to hacking are those belonging to people like you and me and not corporate. Most people do not know how to prevent hacking and they just let their account remain vulnerable to hackers. To prevent the theft of your identity, you will need to take some of the following basic steps if not all.

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Freeze Your Credits Reports

One of the simplest ways to prevent anyone stealing your identity is by freezing your credit reports. This means that a hacker who intends to impersonate you and spend or steal money from your will not be able. Freezing the credit reports means that no one can access your information including stores, credit card companies and banks and therefore little chance exists of someone else opening an account in your name.

Place a Fraud Alert With a Reputable Company

The other simple trick that you can employ is to place a fraud alert which will go off once a hacker tries to access your account. The process is simple in that all you need to do is request the alarm related companies to register you for the fraud alert program. You will be notified at once when a hacker tries to access your account in any way. The extension of the process is somehow complicated especially if you are using Experian, Equifax and Transunion because after the lapse of the 90 free days period, you would need a police report to have an extension. It is mostly ideal if you don’t want to totally freeze your credit access information entirely.

Credit Agencies Can Monitor For You

It is possible to let the credit agencies do for you credit monitoring task. This method is designed to tell you whenever a person has opened an account in your name. The problem is that, you only get to know after the damage has been done. Furthermore, it’s expensive to have such a service on your accounts. It is therefore advisable to go with account credit freeze and fraud alert options.

Safe Online Accounts

Try out any of these two and you will keep your account safe. However, you may have to think twice before you choose credit agencies to do the monitoring for you.

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