The Disconnect app is available for Desktop. Officially it was also available on Google Play Store. Unfortunately for users who loved it, Google decided to ban this privacy app. You cannot find it now on Play Store.

Well, Disconnect is one of the most popular apps. It can shield users against invisible tracking tools. It increases consumer awareness on surreptitious data-collection methods. It can also block malware and spying tools.

The main reason this tool was banned by Google was that Google is making the most money from analyzing you. It tracks your visited sites, apps that you use and what you are interested in. Then it sells target ads on you to different companies. This is why Google is very good at selling ads.

Reason Google is Banning Disconnect

Well, its a secret data sharing that user doesn’t realize, not only Google uses this method.

By banning this app, it seems that Google doesn’t want competition. Then how can we trust Google?

Disconnect app got it first ban in 2014. After that Disconnect posted in their blog the following: No app can interfere with the function of another app. After this Disconnect redesigned the Android version of its service, to meet the requirements. Currently the Disconnect app was just informing users which services tracks them online.

Even if they were just informing the user, Google decided to ban them again. This time Disconnect was banned without issuing a statement.

As everyone now understands, Google banned an app which doesn’t violate the terms of the Google Play Store. It just incommodes them, they don’t like concurrency.

How Does Disconnect Incommode Google?

Disconnect shields users from invisible tracking methods. Then it allows users to search the web using another favorite search engine without sending data to other search engines like Google. Then Disconnect can eliminate website from tracking user website history.

In order for Disconnect to work, it requires root access (What is Root Access). In the process Disconnect identifies tracking methods and blocks potentially dangerous tracking elements. The Android version of Disconnect, goes around the restrictions of the Play Store, and just informs the user how their information is used.

Disconnect Me ProtectedThe paid version of Disconnect uses a Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) service. It makes users to have anonymous Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. VPN encrypts user traffic and routing it through a proxy tunnel. This allow user to hide all information that can be tracked by others. Disconnect official website is: https://disconnect.me/

Google did not send back a rationale reason for banning Disconnect. It means that the creators cannot redesign their app, and there is no way to get Disconnect back on the Play Store.


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