MX Player HW SW decoder

Many MX Player user have noted that there are different settings like to choose the decoder.

MX Player users noted that there is available the S/W decoder and H/W decoder. What do they mean?

S/W decoding, means that it is software decoding which is slower but flexible because it supports much more media formats. Mobile devices are much slower than a normal PC. So playing a high-definition video using CPU would be a struggle. The SW decoder only uses CPU and software to play them.

H/W decoding is the hardware decoding in general can also lead to glitches/artifacts in the video if your device is not powerful enough. Manufacturers install multimedia chipsets to assist video decoding process specifically, so the H/W decoder is using these chipsets to play videos.

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If you have a powerful device the hardware acceleration would be more helpful because it can allow playback of media when software decoding is too slow or laggy.

As an example is when you try to play from YouTube a video with a 1080p h.264 video on a mobile phone. Most phones would have a hard time playing that via software decoding and still get smooth playback, so hardware acceleration would be able to do the job smooth.

On the computers for example, the hardware acceleration is usually unnecessary since most new computers are fast enough to play high quality media files, so it doesn’t matter that you use software decoding or hardware decoding on your PC.

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